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Leadaro provides a unique growth lever for ambitious B2B startups and service businesses.

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How It Works

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    Kick-off Session

    No campaign is the same and we understand that like no other. Kick off your campaign with your dedicated account manager for guaranteed success.
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    Campaign Management

    We take care of every part of the cold outreach campaign. From generating a list of up-to-date prospects that can't be found in ready-made lists, to writing personalized cold emails, to inbox management.
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    Close the deal

    Leadaro bring opportunities directly to your SDRs. Have your sales reps focus on selling without having to handle cold outreach.
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"These guys really know their stuff. They helped us out a lot but arguably most important they were always responsive.

When working together we saw a huge increase in leads and conversions from cold email."

Sean Cohen, Business Development Lead

"Leadaro helps businesses connect with other businesses in personalized cold emailing campaigns that drive leads through the sales pipeline in a seamless and consolidated flow. It's simple and effective work coming from a team of people who care deeply about what they're doing."

Rachael Herman, Marketing Manager

"Leadaro were exceptional to work with. They're extremely responsive, professional, and insightful. Leadaro crafted fantastic cold email campaigns that effectively hit on high converting angles while maintaining desired industry language. I would highly recommend working with them!"

Sophie D'Souza, VP of Optimization

Cold Email Still Works

There are always new and trending ways to try and acquire new clients. Email still tops the list.
  • 4,300% ROI
    The average ROI for email marketing is 4,300%. Can you beat that?
  • 89% of marketers
    Worldwide 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation.
  • 40x more effective
    Email is nearly 40x more effective than either Facebook or Twitter at new customer acquisition.

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The 3 letters that gave us 22x more cold email replies [case study]

Learn how our campaign with Wiza achieved massive success, thanks to just 3 letters.

"The idea wasn't too sophisticated, to be honest. We wanted to make our email look as natural as possible: a simple, conversational opener between industry professionals. So what if we could make it look as if we were simply looping someone into a conversation within our company?"

Hans Dekker, Founder & CEO

We Hope We Answered Your Questions

We aim to make our message and value proposition as clear as possible. But we don't mind repeating ourselves:

Stop Relying on Referrals

Let a dedicated professional take care of the appointment setting for your business.
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